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Special Issue [INC-BEAT’16]

Title: RiCoBiT Network On Chip Simulator: Design

Authors: Nikhil Baby, Sampoorna Ravindranath, Sangeetha Mathew, Sarah Abraham, Dr.Sanju V                      

Title: Big Data Analytics Using Hadoop: Sentiment Analysis On Twitter Data Stream

Author: Anupriya Sudheer                      

Title: Ensuring Qos By Accelerating The Resource Provisioning In Virtualized Cloud Computing Environments

Authors: Clerin Tom, Dr.R.Vijayakumar                      

Title: Programmable Packet Scheduling using PIFO Mechanism

Authors: Jiji Nath S, Anumol Bhaskaran and Chinju K                      

Title: A centralised control at the granularity of data unit on a virtual provisioning data network

Authors: Anumol Bhaskaran, Jiji Nath S, Chinju K                      

Title: Gateway Balancing In Mobile Cloud Computing

Authors: Mrs. Ambily D Mankayil, Mr. Ashok Babu                      

Title: An Efficient Broadcast Algorithm To Transmit Data In Multi-hop Relay MANETs

Authors: Fathima Sana, Dr. M. Sudheep Elayidom                      

Title: A Single Authenticated Key Exchange Protocol For Parallel Network File Systems

Authors: Anju Sivadasan, Chinju K                      

Title: Comparative Study In Synthesis Of Graphene Oxide And Lauric Acid As Shape Stailized Phase Change Materials

Authors: Anutsek Sharma, Ayusi Jain, Tanveer Mohomad                      

Title: Recommendation System: A Big Data Application

Authors: Reshma M, K.R Remesh Babu                      

Title: Parametric Optimization Of Wire Edm on Al 6063 Using Taguchi Method

Authors: Cheriankunju Joy, Bibin K Tharian                      

Title: Experimental Investigation And Parametric Optimization Of Edm For Al 6061 Using Taguchi Method

Authors: Ajith Peter Tom, Bibin K Tharian                      

Title: Software Defined Network – Based Management And Control Framework

Author: Sivaranjini R                      

Title: Efficient revocation checking with time bound keys for roaming network

Authors: Sithara nargees P.P, Rasheed abdul haq K.P                      


Authors: Sreerag V R, Sreelakshmi S R, Shilpa T K, Aswathy K Babu, Monica M Jose                      

Title: Performance Evaluation Of Cognitive Radio System With Cooperative And Non-Cooperative Spectrum Sensing

Authors: Muhammed Aslam.E.U, Manoj.M.K                      

Title: Microstructural Studies of Friction Stir Processed Aluminium Composites with Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Alumina (Al2O3) Hybrid Reinforcements 

Authors: V. Nithin Viswanath, G. Keerthi Prasad, B.R. Sujith, S. Jayalakshmi, R. Arvind Singh and Kaushik Hebbar                     

Title: Incorporation of magnesite in high heat conducting materials to enhance heat resistant property

Authors: P.Prasanna, K.Revanth, V.Nithin Viswanath, C.Kavitha                     

Title: Content Delivery Over Software Defined Networks

Authors: Bijild Joseph, Anjaly Sanker                  

Title: Simulation of Molecular Dynamics: Developing A Parallel Scheme

Author: Aiswaya.k                    

Title: Re-Ranking Algorithm For Better Personalized Web Search

Authors: Renjini L, Prof. Ratheesh T K                    

Title: An Innovative Technique for the Identification of Network Characteristics in Software Defined Network

Authors: Anjaly Sanker, Bijild Joseph                    

Title: Binary SIFT Codes and Cross Indexing based Image search with Color Feature

Authors: Vanikrishna K, Vigil Kumar V V                    

Title: Autonomus Resources Management On Cloud Using Vm

Authors: Reshma O R, Shyni S T